Crack down on online pharmacies

The US government has cracked down on online pharmacies in an attempt to stop imports of personal prescription drugs by Americans in dire need. Americans burdened by excessively high drug prices have been flowing to online pharmacies in an attempt to receive much-needed and cheaper prescription drugs.
The beneficiaries of the government’s actions are, of course, US drug manufacturers, health insurance companies, which incidentally pay much less for drugs than the average uninsured, and regular street pharmacies.
The FDA just passed a law that bans the importation of pharmaceuticals by individuals from Canadian pharmacies, while Canadian pharmaceutical regulatory laws are just as good as those in the United States. The main difference or the only difference between these pharmaceuticals is the prices. In Canada, the prices of the exact same drugs are a fraction of the price in the US, who benefits from all this? Ask your health insurance companies, local drug manufacturers, and their representatives at both houses.
The fact is that the online pharmacy trade should be regulated, due to the danger of taking non-prescription drugs that could have dangerous side effects. But it shouldn’t stop. It is time for the representatives in Congress and the Senate to stand up and decide what is more important, the money that is funneled to them by the lobbyists who represent the agenda of making money to stop the online pharmacy trade, or the lives, safety, and ability of Americans to pay for prescription drugs, especially the elderly and low-income classes struggling as they are.
Online pharmacies have many advantages, some of which are lower priced drugs, greater availability of drugs to meet customer needs, a good example of this is the shortage of Tamiflu in many areas of the US (Tamiflu is one of only two drugs that help fight bird flu that is spreading around the world, in the US there are only 2.3 million doses available, 2 million more will arrive by the end of November, and there are 300 million people living here), which was filled by online pharmacies, the time-saving factor for customers. And privacy maintained by receiving what have been called “shameful drugs” like viagra and drugs related to sexually transmitted diseases.
Rather than fight the online pharmacy trade, the US government should relax and enforce regulatory laws. Laws that oblige online pharmacies, even foreign ones, to register in the US in order to be able to ship their merchandise to the US And, of course, oblige them to comply with the same regulations, as far as the shipment and maintenance of drugs that apply at US-based Pharmacies and post a list of these pharmacies. Also apply FDA approval for each drug. Some countries even have higher standards than the US FDA, like the Indian equivalent. Two online search engines that have taken steps towards a better or safer business when it comes to this particular trade are Google and Yahoo, which now force online pharmacies and their affiliate sites to register and get approved, and only They deal with pharmacies based in the US and Canada. . They still have room for improvement; a good suggestion would be to make a list of these online pharmacies available to make life easier for members.