How to Choose a Car for a Teen Driver

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First – make sure you don’t just give your scrap car away – or even worse, pay to have it towed! There are many companies available who are willing to pay you good money sacramento junk pickup for your car, because they will use it to sell spare parts from it. After weeding out the companies who want freebies, you now can select from the companies who will actually pay you. Be careful with these companies, because there are many who will try to swindle you down in the price you’ll take for it. To prevent this, get a guaranteed price over the phone so that they don’t start negotiating with you once they get there and try to get the price down. Next, make sure that if they’re charging you a towing fee as a deduction that you’re aware before they come out so you know exactly what your bottom line will be. Don’t be afraid to negotiate prior to them coming, but do not call them out to your pickup and then start trying to get the price up – it’s neither ethical nor fair to the auto wrecker.

Ensure that the company you deal with is registered properly with the Ministry of Transportation (Canada) or the Department of Motor Vehicles (U.S.) and that the title and registration is properly transferred out of your legal name. You also will want to ensure that your vehicle is not sold as complete, and that for the environment’s sake that all fluids are recycled and that no parts are sent to a landfill

In addition to the above mentioned criteria for selecting the right company, make certain that the company you choose is fully licensed and insured. You can further do your part with the environment by ensuring that they are registered with the Ministry of the Environment (Canada) or other equivalent in your jurisdiction. Further, make certain that they will provide you with proper documentation and that you can reach them again. If you’re at all hesitant about a company or about what they propose, contact your local MTO or DMV and ask them about your concerns, or contact your local police department.